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Sundareswarar Temple, Kovur – Legends

Sundareswarar Temple, Kovur – Legends
According to legend, Goddess Kamakshi was performing Thapas on Panchagni (fire) in Mangadu praying Lord Shiva to marry her. Her penance was so intense that the whole surroundings became too hot and all living beings suffered because of enormous heat. But Lord Shiva was meditating deeply with his eyes closed. Sages and Devas worshipped Lord Vishnu to save the world from the heat of the penance. Lord Vishnu directed Mahalakshmi to save the world.
Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi came down here to this place in the form of a cow and worshipped Lord Shiva to make him open the eyes, so that the world is saved. Pleased with her prayers, Lord Shiva opened his eyes, after which the heat of the place subsided and became cooler. As Mahalakshmi worshipped here in the form of a cow, the place came to be known as Kopuri (In Thamizh, Ko means cow) and later corrupted to become Kovur. At later stages Kulothunga Chozha had built this temple beautifully.
Saint Thyagaraja composition on Lord Shiva:
Saint Thyagaraja has visited this temple on his way to Thirupathi. It is said that Saint Thyagaraja traveled on a palanquin towards Thirupathi and passed through this place. He also visited this temple on his way. A local headman called Sundharesan asked the saint to compose and sing some songs on him. Thyagarajar refused and said that he won’t sing praise of any individual and he will sing praise of God only and left Kovur.
While going from Kovur, his palanquin was obstructed by a group of bandits who threw stones on the palanquin and his servants to stop him from going further. The saint Thyagaraja stopped and got down from the palanquin to explain the bandits that he was not so rich to be robbed and also, he was on a pilgrimage to Thirupathi. The bandits came near Thyagaraja and asked him who threw the stones back at them.
Thyagaraja told them that there were no other people with them except the carriers of palanquin. But the thieves told that they saw 2 youngsters furiously throwing back the stones on them to save Thyagaraja. Saint Thyagaraja realized that they were none other than Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana who came to his rescue.
Saint also realized that there is some holy power to this place and again came back to Kovur temple and sung 5 compositions (Keerthanas) called ‘Kovur Pancharathnam’. The local headman was too proud thinking that Saint Thyagaraja sung in praise of him only. But the saint explained him that the 5 compositions were made in praise of the Lord Sundareswarar and not the individual called Sundareswaran.
The Kovur Pancharatnams are "Ee Vasudha" (Sahaana Raagam), "Kori Sevimpa" (Karaharapriya Raagam), "Sambo Mahadeva" (Pantuvarali Raagam), "Nammi Vachina" (Kalyani Raagam) and "Sundareswaruni" (Sankarabharanam Raagam). Most of the compositions of Saint Thyagaraja are in praise of Lord Rama only. This is one of the few places where he had composed Keerthanas on other Gods.
Sekkizhar wrote Periyapuranam here:
Sekkizhar, who was born in the nearby place ‘Kunrathur’, started writing ‘Periya Puranam’ from this temple only.

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