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Loganatha Perumal Temple, Thirukannangudi – The Temple

Loganatha Perumal Temple, Thirukannangudi – The Temple
Loganatha Perumal Temple is built in a Dravidian style and the temple has a five-tiered structured Rajagopuram and a vast temple complex. The temple tank is right outside the temple. The prime deity, Loganathar has an imposing image. Unlike in other Divya Desams where Garuda is seen with folded hands, he is seen here with his hands around his body. Another unique feature at this temple is the similarity of the Moolavar and Utsavar idols of Goddess, not seen in any other Divya Desam.

The presiding deity of Loganatha Perumal temple is Lord Loganatha Perumal (Lord Vishnu), in standing posture facing the east direction. The other deities of this temple are Goddess Loganayaki (Goddess Lakshmi), the consort of Lord Loganatha Perumal, Goddess Aravindavalli, Lord Damodara Narayanan, etc.

The Moolavar of this kshetram is Sri Loganathan (Also named as Shyamala Meni perumal). The Moolavar is giving his Seva in the standing posture facing east. Prathyaksham was given for Bhrigu Maharishi, Brahma devan, Uparisaravasu, Gowthama Maharishi and Thirumangai Alwar.
The Thayaar found in this sthalam is Sri Loganayaki. The Utsavar Thayaar is Sri Aravinda valli.
The Utsavar of this sthalam is Dhamodhara Narayanan.
·        Thirumangaialwar - 10 Paasurams
Sthala Viruksham:
·        Magizha Maram (Vagulam)
·        Ravana pushkarani
·        Utpala Vimaanam

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