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Pasupatheeswarar Temple, Tiruvetkalam – Legends

Pasupatheeswarar Temple, Tiruvetkalam – Legends
As per Hindu legend, Arjuna was advised by Lord Krishna to perform penance on Lord Shiva to get the Pasupatha missile to win the Kurukshetra war though he got many such from his father Indira. Obeying this, he came to this place dense with bamboo trees. He performed severe penance at this place. Duryodhana sent demon Mookasura as a wild boar to spoil Arjuna’s penance. Knowing his strategy, Lord Shiva set out with Mother Parvathi as a hunter. 
Arjuna spotted the wild boar speeding to attack him. While he shot the boar with an arrow, another hunter (Lord Shiva) also claimed that he was the first to shoot the pig. A fight of superiority started between the two. Arjuna attacked the hunter with an arrow, the impact of which was felt by all beings in the world. The bow-blow wound on the Shivalinga is noticeable even now.
The hunter then tossed Arjuna with his toe, who fell in Krupa Samudram. It took Arjuna time to realize that it was Shiva in the form of the hunter who attacked him. Mother Parvathi grew angry on Arjuna when he struck on the Lord but Lord stopped her saying that a Mother should only be loving and addressed her ‘Sarguna’ meaning a person with calm traits. Arjuna had the benefit of the touch of Lord’s feet when he tossed him. 
They both granted boons to Arjuna, a weapon named Pasupatham. Since Shiva granted Pasupatham at this place, he came to be known as Pasupatheeswarar. This event is enacted during the festival in the month of Vaikasi. The event of Lord Shiva’s fight with Arjuna is described in detail in the epic “Kirathachuneeyam”. The bows Gandipam and Pinakam are said to have been formed here.
Many villages around this shrine are associated with the legend of Arjuna's encounter with Shiva. Usuppoor is where Arjuna is said to have chased a wild boar which disturbed his meditation; Nakkar Ugandakudi is another (Nakkattankudi). Eesanporveli is where Arjuna is believed to have fought with Shiva, and Villeruttaan Kuttai is where Arjuna's bow is said to have been broken by Shiva.
Nayanmars visit:
Sambandar, considering the entire town of Chidambaram to be the holy temple, resided in Tiruvetkalam, and visited the Chidambaram temple from here. It is said that Appar visited this shrine after visiting Chidambaram; he is then said to have visited Tirukkazhippalai and then returned to Chidambaram.
Sage Narada worshipped Lord Shiva here:
It is also believed that sage Narada worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.

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