Friday, March 11, 2016

Annamalaiyar Temple – Satyachetana Ashram

Annamalaiyar Temple – Satyachetana Ashram
Satyachetana is a Sanskrit word that stands for Truth consciousness, meaning, to experience the Truth in consciousness and to manifest Truth through action. Established in 1994, Satyachetana Ashram provides a structure for people to strive toward and realize this dual objective.

Satyachetana Ashram symbolizes the importance of the force rather than the form. Swamiji realized God as Truth and works for manifesting his realization through Knowledge and Love. Satyachetana Ashram stands for Swamiji’s ideal, realization, and his struggle to manifest on the gross plane what he has realized.

Accepting Bhagavad Gita as the foundation of sadhana, Satyachetana Ashram aims to:
1.    Help individuals to know the Truth;
2.    Guide individuals to experience the Truth;
3.    Support seekers to realize the Truth;
4.    Enable seers to manifest the Truth in the universal plane.
Satyachetana Ashram operates on a fundamental principle of the dynamic totality of Truth consciousness. Swamiji says, “Truth without consciousness is illusion. Consciousness without Truth is delusion.” The two must be taken together and realized together to attain the highest state of the soul and life.

Ashramites and visitors at Satyachetana Ashram collaborate with Mother Nature to help bring about a fundamental change in the consciousness of humanity to facilitate the evolution of the spiritual man and the era of Truth on Earth.
Satyachetana Ashram also has branches at Gadamanitri, Khurda district, Odisha, India and Silver City, Nevada, USA (20 Main St., Silver City, Nevada). Satyachetana Ashram and its branches are overseen and managed by Divine Mission, a USA-based non-profit organization established in 1995 that supports initiated disciples and Truth seekers in their individual sadhana.
Satyachetana Ashram
554, Kosalai Village
Thiruvannamalai 606604

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