Friday, March 11, 2016

Annamalaiyar Temple – Sri Anantha Niketan

Annamalaiyar Temple – Sri Anantha Niketan 
Devotees of Ramana Maharishi started Sri Anantha Niketan in 1999. Starting with a few simple thatched cottages the Ashram has now grown into a retreat center. Sri Anantha Niketan was blessed by the gracious visit of the living Jnani Sri John de Ruiter in January 2014. 

Sri Anantha Niketan is supported by people from nearby village, some full time workers, and others are young volunteers and to all of them this is their second home.  

​The Ashram is a place for introspection, self-enquiry and surrender. It facilitates individuals and group retreats. Green fields, lovely birds, trees and rocks make it easy to rest in the heart.​ The accommodation is simple. There are several cottages/rooms, some bath attached and others with bathrooms nearby.  During retreats the rooms are shared. 

There is no running hot water.  The kitchen may be able to provide hot water on request. Vegetarian meals are served three times a day. ​Smoking and Alcohol is not permitted in the premises. 

Sri Anantha Niketan, 
Peria Paliyapattu Village PO,
Thiruvannamalai - 606704, Tamilnadu
Phone: +91 90 03 480013 / +91 97 91 602241
Email: /

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