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Garbharakshambigai Temple, Thirukarukavoor – Legends

Garbharakshambigai Temple, Thirukarukavoor – Legends
In the distant past two sages by the name of Gowthama and Gargeya did penance at this place called 'Mullaivanam' i.e. (Jasmine Forest). A couple by name Nidhruva and Vedikai stayed in the same ashram and rendered service to the sages. Since the couple had no children they represented this to the sages. The sages advised the couple to worship Sri Garbharakshambigai. The couple did that with intense devotion and their prayers got answered. Vedikai got conceived.
During her later stage of pregnancy and while her husband Nidhruva was away from home she was in a faint state due to the strain of pregnancy. At this moment, a sage by name Sri Urdhuvapada came to her abode and asked for alms. Due to her unconscious state of mind, she did not respond to that sage's request. The sage was enraged at this apparent indifference and cursed her without knowing the exact reason for her silence. Due to the curse, her fetus got disintegrated and descended. Shocked Vedikai prayed to the Goddess in great distress. The Goddess appeared before her, protected the fetus, preserved it in a sacred pot until it developed into a male child and presented it to the devoted couple. The parents named their child as 'Naidhuruvan'.
Struck by this great act of benevolence of the Almighty Goddess, the immensely grateful Vedikai prayed to the Goddess to remain in this place and protect women and their foetus as she had done in her case. The Goddess accepted her prayer and remains here as 'Garbharakshambigai' meaning 'savior of foetus'. Due to this fame this place came to be known as 'Thirukarukavoor' i.e., the place where pregnancy is protected and also the place where childless couples are blessed with children.
Later while Vedikai had no mother's milk to feed her child Naidhuruvan, answering her prayers Goddess sent 'Kamadhenu' the divine cow to this place to feed the child. Kamadhenu scratched the earth in front of the temple with her hoof and milk came out in plenty from the ground and it formed into a 'Milk Tank'. This Tank exists even now in the name of 'Ksheera kundam'
Thus at this sacred place childless people who worship the Goddess with devotion and faith are blessed with pregnancy. Those pregnancies are well protected and the women are blessed with safe and trouble free deliveries.
Greatness of God Sri Mullaivananathar:
The Lord of this place is called 'Mullaivananathar'(meaning lord in jasmine forest). Even today everyone can see the impression of jasmine creepers which once covered it. Linga here is a 'Swayambu' i.e. self Manifested. This Linga is made up of ant hill mud. Hence abishekam to Linga using water is avoided. Instead, the Linga is merely pasted with a kind of must called 'Punugu' during valarpirai Pradosham. People who are afflicted with incurable disease come to this place to offer 'Punugu Chattam' to the Lord and get them cured from the diseases. This is a fact which is actually verified even today.

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