Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thiruthani Murugan Temple – Temple Speciality

Thiruthani Murugan Temple – Temple Speciality
The hill temple has 365 steps representing the days of a year. The shrine of the procession deity is in a mandapam made of 1 lakh Rudrakshas. This is the fifth army camp – Padai Veedu of Lord Muruga. Saint Arunagiriar graces in a sitting form.
After destroying demon Sura in Thiruchendur, Lord Muruga came to this place. His fury cooled and he became smiling and peaceful-Shanta Swarupi. It is here that the King of Devas Indira gifted his white elephant as a wedding gift to Deivanai.
We can notice a scar on the chest of the Lord caused by his direct clash with the demon. In the place of peacock, there is elephant in front of the sanctum sanctorum. Lord Muruga holds a weapon on his right hand called Vajravel that would produce a thunder like sound.
His left hand is on the hip representing the Gnana Shakti (power of wisdom). The Vel generally seen in other Muruga temples is not here. Also, the Surasamharam festival (destroying the demon Sura) is not celebrated in this temple. While the Vahanas (vehicle of the deities) face the Lord in the sanctum, the elephant vahana is facing the opposite side in this temple.

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