Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Draupathi Amman Temple, Udayalur

Draupathi Amman Temple, Udayalur
Draupathi Amman Temple is located at Udayalur, a village in the Kumbakonam taluk of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India. Udayalur is a few kilometers away from the historic Chola dynasty stronghold town of Kizha Pazhayarai. The village was historically called "Sri Kangeyapuram".
Draupathi Amman temple is located on the Western side of Udayalur. Recently Kumbhabhishekam has been performed. During Aadi, Theemithi Thiruvizha is performed by those who had vowed to do so. It is believed that she answers their prayers by doing Theemithi Rituals.  
People who participate in the Theemithi Thiruvizha wear yellow robes and walk over burning coal and it is a sight to see. If they are pure and have upheld their Vratham properly they come out totally unscathed and without even the slightest burn! It is really a test by fire and one who comes out unscathed has the satisfaction that they had kept their Vratham properly.
A Thiruvizha is also conducted for the Sri Kamakshi Ambal for a week beginning on the 1st Sunday of every Chitrai month for a week. There is a Pillaiyar temple in the East end of the agraharam, and three in the vellalar streets.