Monday, April 25, 2016

Gopinatha Perumal Temple, Patteeswaram, Pazhayarai

Gopinatha Perumal Temple, Patteeswaram, Pazhayarai
Gopinatha Perumal temple is a huge temple that comes first in the route from Patteeswaram to Pazhayarai. Negligence of the first order has made this shrine pathetic. The Temple is in complete ruins. The sanctum is kept closed and people could not walk around freely due to the presence of vegetable growth. Urgent renovation is required to keep this temple from complete destruction. 

It is one such spectacular and grand temple of yester year near Patteeswaram. The temple is said to have had seven raja gopurams (towers) in different directions, and was spread in huge area. Lord Mahavishnu incarnate Sri Gopinatha Perumal (Sri Krishna) with his consorts Sri Sathya Bhama and Sri Rukmani are the presiding deities of this temple.

It is in this kshetra that the Lord appeared as Sri Krishna to Arjuna and as Sri Rama to Hanumar. Sri Bheema had the Viswaroopa Dharshan of Lord Hanumar in this kshetra. The temple known as ‘Gopinatha Vinnagaram, had been rightly called as ‘The Dwarka of the south India” by Dr. U.V.Swaminatha Iyer.

This temple had taken all the beating and shocks of the history and negligence of the devotees, but even today Sri Gopinathaswamy Temple had not failed to provide solace to the devotees. Today, this once spectacular temple is in shambles and presents a picture of tears except for the relics of the ruined walls. The Hindu Religious Endowment Board has graciously sanctioned funds for a “Soutary Pooja” and poojas are performed once a day through this scheme.

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