Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jatayu Teertham, Rameshwaram

Jatayu Teertham, Rameshwaram
Jatayu Theertham is a sacred temple dedicated to Jatayu that was the most loyal eagle of Lord Rama. Jatayu is believed to have helped Lord Rama in several crisis and tough circumstances. The bird also assisted with collecting herbs from the mountains.

As he lost his life in the attempt of saving Lord Rama’s life his sacrifice is greatly appreciated even today. Jatayu is therefore worshiped as a deity even today. Lord Rama buried the body of Jatayu and later a temple was raised over the burial of Jatayu.

Tourists can see a pit full of Vibhuti (a holy ash which one gets after performing Yagna). The entire ditch was filled with Vibhuti that consists of the holy ashes which was obtained from the Yagnas that were performed by learned men.

This Teertham is on the way to Dhanushkodi. This is yet another holy well; anybody visiting Rameshwaram should also visit this place. You can reach out easily by auto/car don't fall any trap of brokers/guides.