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Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Temple Speciality

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Temple Speciality
Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy. The Shiva Linga made of sand by Mother Kamakshi adores the sanctum sanctorum. The symbol of Mother embracing the Linga is still visible. Opposite the sanctum of Lord Ekambareswara is the Spatika Linga facing west and the Spatika Nandhi is located on the prakaram. On the Ratha Sapthami day in the month of Thai (January-February) rays of Sun fall on Lord.
Of the Panchabhoodha sthalas, the temple belongs to Earth-Prithvi. There is a Mango tree in the temple dating back to 3,500 years. The divine tree with its four branches representing the four Vedas yields fruits in four flavours – sweet, citric, spicy and bitter. Procession deity Lord Ekambareswara is in a separate shrine of glass under the Rudraksha Pandal-tent, the roof with 5008 Rudrakshas.
Devotees can have the darshan of Lord Shiva in his huge form. According to pundits, this darshan grants the devotee total relief from the cycle of births and deaths. The Spatika Linga prayer blesses the devotee with a beautiful personality removing evil thoughts from the mind. Also the Sahasralinga worshipped by Lord Sri Rama to cleanse himself from the Brahmmahathi dosha and the Ashtothara (108) Lingas are also in the temple.
People use to light 108 lamps in this shrine. It should be remembered that gifted Tamil poet Kachiappa Shivacharya who authored the great epic Kanda Puranam (Skanda Maha Puranam in Sanskrit was authored by Sage Veda Vyasa) and staged it at the Kumara Kottam Lord Muruga Temple nearby was born in Kancheepuram. Saint Tirunavukkarasar praises Kanchi as a destination of vast learning – Kalviyil Karai Illadha Kanchi Maanagaram.
"Thiru Nila Thingalthundam", one among 108 Sri Vaishnava Divya Desams is found inside this temple. Sundarar got back his left side eye sight after visiting this Sthalam. Sundarar, Manikka Vasagar, Gnana Sambandhar have sung Pathigams towards this Sthalam.
This Sthalam is also called as Pralayasiththu, Sivapuram, Vindupuram, Mummurthyvaasam, Brahmapuram, Kaamapeedam, Tapomayam, Sagalasththi, Kannikaappu, Thundeerapuram and Thandagapuram.
Sannadhis for Vikada chakra Vinayagar, Arumugar, 1008,108 lingams, Agasthiyar, Vellaikkamabar, 63 Nayanmars, Panatharesar, Markandesar, Kallakkambar, Maththala Maathavesar, Pikshandar, Nalla Kambar, Nila Thingal Thunda Perumal, Natarajar, Navagraham, Pralayam Kaaththa Ammai are found.