Friday, April 22, 2016

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam – Garuda Shrine

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam – Garuda Shrine
There is a shrine for Sri Garudazhwar (eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu) holding the nectar pot and also the Vedas handed over to him by Perumal after recovering them from the demons.  The idol is made of Salagrama. Devotees offer dal, jaggery and sweet pudding balls as nivedhana to Sri Garuda. Special pujas are performed to him on Garuda Panchami day.

In the 4th enclosure one can find the biggest mantapa for Garuda amongst the 108 Divya deshams. This has over two hundred pillars and is also possibly the most beautiful mantapa in this temple. 25 feet tall Deity of Garuda is seen graciously joining his palms and sitting opposite the temple of Lord Ranganatha. He is adorned with Ashta Nagabaranam.

He appears in such a majestic form ready to take off with the Lord. The dhoti of Sri Garuda is 30 meter long. Abhisheka or Thirumanjana is not performed to Sri Garuda. Kozhukkattai – the sweet pudding balls are offered as naivedyam on every Thursday. Sugriva and Angada are the Dwarapalakas of the sanctum – sanctorum of this temple. On the Margazhi Tiruvadirai star day, a festival for Sri Garuda is celebrated. Hanuman shrine is also found much behind the Garuda shrine; it is also facing the direction of main shrine.

The Garuda Mandapam (hall of the legendary bird deity of Vishnu, Garuda) located on the south side of the third enclosure is another Nayak addition. Courtly portrait sculptures, reused from an earlier structure, are fixed to the piers lining the central aisle. A free-standing shrine inside the hall contains a large seated figure of Garuda; the eagle-headed God faces north towards the principal sanctum.

Garudalwar relieves those who are suffering from nightmares and hallucinations. Those who are affected by the radiations and the transitions of the planets Uranus and Neptune will be safeguarded by Garudalwar. Garudalwar open his wings (whose width and height are immeasurable), covers his devotees and preserves them from all sorts of harmful causes.

30 metre dhoti to Sri Garuda:
25 feet tall Sri Garuda graces his Vishwarupa darshan opposite the Lord Ranganatha shrine.  He appears in such a majestic form ready to take off with the Lord wearing Ashta Nagabaranam a jewel of 8 serpents).  The dhoti vastra of Sri Garuda is 30 meter long.  Abishekam is not performed to Sri Garuda. Kozhukkattai the sweet pudding balls are offered as nivedhana on Thursdays. Sugriva and Angatha are the Dwarapalakas – securities in the shrine.  A festival for him is celebrated on the Margazhi Tiruvadirai star day.