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Nambu Nayagiamman Temple, Rameshwaram

Nambu Nayagiamman Temple, Rameshwaram
Nambu Nayagiamman Temple is located at a distance of 8 km from the Ramanathaswamy Temple. This 14th century temple is situated in the Ramnad District and is managed by the locals in the area. Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple is the most famous Temple in Rameswaram. As there are majority of people having ‘Nambu’ in their names (like Nambu Rajan, Nambu Lakshmi, Nambu etc.,) in Rameswaram the name “Nambu” is so common and famous word around Rameswaram Island.

This temple is greatly venerated by the people of Ramnad District. It is situated 8 kms from the main temple in Rameswaram on the way to Dhanushkodi. Local transportation facilities, including auto rickshaws and buses, are available from the city center to visit this temple.

Dakshina Duruvan and Pachima Duruvan Penance:
It is believed that two sages, Dakshina Duruvan and Pachima Duruvan performed intense penance here, had the Darshan of Mother Parvadhavardhini as Dakshina Kali as she graced them facing South. Since then, the sages continued to stay in the place and began treating those suffering from diseases. It is also believed that the rishis are still in the place in deep penance. It is still believed that the rishis are helping people those who asking for the cure to Nambu Nayagi Amman.

Story behind the sayings “Nambunayakiyai Vananginal Vambillai”:
The story also goes that during the rule of Sinhalese in this region, a king Sulodharan by name became ill and reached the temple trusting in the grace of the Mother. His brothers mocked at him. The king was firm in his faith, built a hut nearby and continued his prayers bathing in the holy springs. As the Mother responded to the King’s prayers, he built a temple for the Goddess and also provided facilities for those coming to the temple for recovery from illness. Also, the brothers who mocked at the king became too ill then.

From this incident came the saying “Nambunayakiyai Vananginal Vambillai – no problems (Vambu) to those trusting Nambu Nayaki (trust in Goddess).

Temple Speciality
As the many tanks (holy springs) around this temple have medicinal effects curing all the diseases, these are revered as Sarvaroga Nivarana Theerthams (springs curing all diseases). All the holy springs around the temple have high medicinal values; they are celebrated as Sarvaroga Theerthams.

Nambunayaki is the family deity of many Maratha Brahmins here who name their child after the Goddess. “I worshipped the Nayaki seeking a child, She gave me a son to spread her grace” – are the lines mothers sing to make their child sleep peacefully.

The Temple
The temple is located in a serene location surrounded by beach sand dunes. A huge banyan tree, a significant portion of which is covered by sand dunes, located nearby is beautiful but frightening as well.  As the many tanks (holy springs) around this temple have medicinal effects curing all the diseases, these are revered as Sarvaroga Nivarana Theerthams (springs curing all diseases).

The temple is credited for its gigantic bells, which are tied at the temple entrance, and huge gardens that add to its beauty and simplicity. In addition, there is an open shrine that allows sunlight to enter the complex. This shrine was built by the residents of the Ramnad village for worshipping Lord Rama.

Nambu Nayaki Amman is considered as the protecting goddess of the south direction. Before the 1964 storm Nambu Nayagi Amman temple is located in Dhanushkodi, Being that the whole Dhanushkodi city sank into the sea and it is announced by Indian government as ghost town (Declared as Dangerous place for humans to reside).

Nambu Nayagi Ambal statue from the shattered city shifted and kept in the place as it is being now. There is a Screw pine plantation grows in the sand pits near the Nambu Nayagi Amman Temple.

Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Navarathri in Purattasi – September-October, During the Navarathri festival, the deity graces the devotees in the form of nine Shaktis (Nava Shakti) and appears in special dressings (Alankara) on the 9th day.
Those having no child, those awaiting marriage delayed due to various problems, women deserted by husbands undergo fasting on Tuesdays and Fridays for good results. Also those suffering from depressed mind and mentally retarded stay in the temple; take a bath in the Theerthams for cure. Everyone returns completely cured after consuming the turmeric Prasad offered by the Pujari, this is a great wonder in the temple. Devotees perform abishek and offer new vastras to the deity.
Those who don’t have children pray Nambu Nayagi Amman and tie a small cradle with baby Doll In the tree in this temple and worship her that “I will put your name if you blessed me with a child”. Many children in the Rameswaram Island took birth after praying Nambu Nayaki; hence the name Nambu is majority in Rameswaram.
People who are waiting for marriage, those who have problems in their marriage or with their marriage, and those who have troubles in their life worship and pray and perform fasting on Nambu Nayaki Amman to remove their problems and troubles.
Sri Nambunayaki Amman Temple,
Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram,
Ramanathapuram District
Mother Nambunayaki Amman Temple is in the midst of trees called Chavukku on the sand hills. It is located at a distance of 2 kms on the Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi route. Nambu Nayagiamman Temple is located at a distance of 8 km from the Ramanathaswamy Temple.
Nearest Railway Station is located at Rameshwaram & Nearest Airport is located at Madurai.
Bus No: 3 and No: 7 from Agni theertham plying on Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi Bus Route connect this Temple with Rameshwaram. This Temple can be reached from Rameshwaram through Auto-Rickshaw & through Private vehicles &Taxis.