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Vasupoojyar Jain Temple, Naval, Thiruvannamalai

Vasupoojyar Jain Temple, Naval, Thiruvannamalai
Naval Jain Temple located in Naval in Thiruvannamalai is a famous Jain Temple for Jain communities. Jains visit this temple and perform their worship. This temple is an ancient old Jain temple and is said to have built some 1000s of years back. Special Poojas and Festivals are performed here with much gaiety and fervor.

Naval is a small village (near Vellai) 14 kms from Cheyyaru town towards Thavasi route. Small number of Jains has been living there. In olden days many debates are conducted between Jains and other communities in the presence of Jamun fruit trees (eg. Agalankar verses Buddhist monk).  So the area had been called as Noval (Jamun fruit tree) village. Many Naval trees are occurred in the area.

The Temple
A beautiful Jinalaya of 400 years old is there. It was dedicated to Shri Vasupoojya Jinar (very rare main deity in the south) who is the twelfth Jinar of twenty four in no’s. East entranceway (Kudavarai) has tall twin-gates attached with around corridor enclosure-wall. On the top the temple Bell is supported for swinging. The open corridor is paved by cement concrete.

The Jinalaya layout is as usual Chola temple art design having Sanctum, fore-pathway, Ardhamandapam and Muhamandapam porch. Shri Vasupoojya Jinar’s white marble absolute-carving sculpture was installed on a plinth.  A silver tri-umbrella is hanging on its over-head. A single stage beautiful Vimana with padmam and kalasha is crowned upon. Along the Griva section under the Nasi (with Indra face) a Jinar in sitting posture with tri-umbrella and whisk maids exhibits around the four directions.  

Inside the Ardhamandapam daily pooja platform is at the center. On either side alloy idols of Thirthankars for festivals worship, Mahameru, Shruthaskanth, 24 Thirthankar mould, Navathevatha, Rathnathriya and Yaksh Shri Brahmadevar, Yakshies Shri Padmavathy, Shri Jwalamalini, Shri Kooshmandini are arranged in order.

In Muhamandapam porch two Dwarabalagar stone sculptures are supported by pedestal is on either side of aisle. On the north-east side of corridor Shri Padmavathy Devi shrine is allotted for worship.  On the left side of entrance two legendry stone sculptures of old Moolavars are preserved in a shed.

Regular poojas and rituals are conducted at the appropriate time. All Jain festivals are celebrated on the relevant dates. Recurrent visit by the devotees can safe guard the treasure for future.

Special Poojas & Festivals
The following festivals and special poojas are conducted in Jain Temples.
·    Akshaya Tritiya commemorates the first Tirthankara, Rishabha, partaking food after many long years of penance
·        Jinaratri commemorates Rishabha’s Moksha
·        Mahavir Jayanti celebrates Tirthankara Mahavira’s birth
·        Diwali commemorates Mahavira’s Moksha
·        Vasanta Panchami honors the Jain Agamas
·    Upaakarma commemorates the Chakravartin Bharata, son of Rishabha, acknowledge the true scholars by awarding them the Upanayanam
·        Karthikai Deepam at the onset of the month of Karthikai
Fastings and other religious practices are also undertaken at this Jain Math like Full moon days Chaturdashi (14th day of the fortnight), Ashtami (8th day of the fortnight) are days chosen for fasting and religious observations. Women take food only after reciting the name of a Tirthankara five times.
People undertake such practices as a vow for certain period of time – sometimes even for years. On completion, Udhyapana festivals (special prayer services) are performed religious books and memorabilia are distributed. People who take certain vows eat only after sunrise and before sunset.
Jain Temple, Naval Village,
Cheyyar Taluk,
Shri Dharmabalan:  +91 9710082071
Tindivanam → Vandavasi → Cheyyaru → Naval = 72 kms.
Kanchipuram → Cheyyaru → Naval = 35 kms.
Vellore → Arcot → Kalavai road → Cheyyaru → Naval = 72 kms.
Thiruvannamalai → Polur → Arni → Cheyyaru → Naval = 102 kms.
By Bus:
Buses from all places in Tamil Nadu are available to reach this Jain Math in Naval in Thiruvannamalai.
By Train:
Nearest railway station is Thiruvannamalai. From here the buses and private taxis are available to reach this Jain Math in Naval Village.
By Air:
The nearest airport is Chennai located at 155 km to Thiruvannamalai. From here trains and buses and private taxis are available to reach Jain Temple in Naval Village.