Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram

Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram
Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple is about six km from Rameswaram Temple on the main road connecting to Pamban. According to legend, Sri Rama stopped here for a while he was searching for Sita. With him were Lakshmana, Anjaneya and the army of monkeys.

This is the place where Lord Ramachandra spent some time in seclusion. The temple has also a well which was used to quench the thirst of monkey soldiers of Lord Rama.

This temple houses a well (Amrutha Teertham - Nectar Well) which was apparently created by Rama for his army to quench their thirst. It is also believed that bathing in this Theertham also bless you with a long and prosperous life.

The temple is within the jurisdiction of the Thangachi Madam Panchayat. The deity has been eulogized by Thyagaraja in his composition, ‘Edri Prodhu Ekantha Ramaiah…’ Skanthasethu Mahatmiyam speaks of the glory of this deity. Sethu Puranam refers to Amritavapi, the temple’s pushkarani, in which a sage cursed by Agasthya, took a dip to find relief.

Ekantha Ramaswami temple is managed by Arya Maharashtra hereditary pujaris and run as private Trust. Sri Ramnath Pujari (71), a descendant, conducts the daily puja at the temple. His great-grand father Sri Sethu Bhattar performed consecration 150 years ago and renovated the temple.

In 1951, his grandfather organized Samprokshanam with the help of Maharashtra Brahmin Community. In 1963, a philanthropist from Calcutta, Koundhlala Bhangur, donated liberally for renovation. Consecration took place in 1967, thanks to the efforts of Neelakanta Pujari, father of Sri Ramnath Pujari.

The temple is in a dilapidated state with the compound wall and the shrines crumbling.
Devotees who wish to contribute may send in the amounts as cheque or draft favoring Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, and addressed to Sri Ramnath Pujari, Trustee, Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, 79, Middle Street, Rameswaram. Phone: 09843272170.