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Mahalakshmeeswarar Temple, Thirunindriyur – Legends

Mahalakshmeeswarar Temple, Thirunindriyur – Legends
Story behind the name Thiri Nindra Oor:
According to legend, a Chola king was visiting Chidambaram every day to worship Lord Nataraja travelling through this route. While he was crossing this place one day, the wick of the torch carried by his men automatically went off. They could not light it again despite all efforts. When he crossed the place, it began to burn again. This happened each day. The king saw a shepherd and enquired him whether anything strange was happening there. He said there was a Shivalinga and a cow was pouring its milk on it.  The king found the Linga and tried to take it out to build a temple elsewhere.  It began to bleed when he dug. Therefore, he built the temple in the same place. As the wick (Thiri in Tamil) got put off here, the place is called Thiri Nindriyur. 
Mahalakshmi worshipped Shiva here:
As Mahalakshmi (Thiru) worshipped here, it is also called Thiru Nindra Oor. As Mother Mahalakshmi worshipped Lord Shiva here and was blessed, the Lord is praised as Mahalakshmeeswarar.
Lord Shiva granted darshan to Sage Jamadagni and Parasurama:
Sage Jamadagni commanded his son Sage Parasurama to chop off the head of his mother (his wife) Renukadevi as she wondered at the handsomeness of a Gandharva in the reflection of water. Obeying father, the son did it but got back the mother through the boon from father. For committing the sin of killing the mother, he worshipped Lord Shiva here for peace. Jamadagni too repented here for his hasty decision. Lord Shiva granted darshan to both father and son.

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