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Dandeeswarar Temple, Velachery – Poojas

Dandeeswarar Temple, Velachery – Poojas
Devotees can perform his Sashtiapdhapoorthi, Bheemaradha Santhi, Sadhabishekam Functions at Dhandeeswaram Temple. This Temple is owned by Tamilnadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department. Sashtiapdhapoorthi functions are performed here next to Thirukkadaiyur.
This is the best place to perform rituals for Sashtiapdhapoorthi / Sadhabishekam Function. During the human life time, as per Hindu traditions, Hindus used to perform functions for,
·        1st year completion Ayushya homam,  
·        Completion of 59th year Ugra Radha Santhi
·        Completion of 61st year Sastiyaptha Poorthy,
·        Completion of 69th year Bheemaradha Santhi,
·        Completion of 77th year and 7 months 7 days Vijaya Radha Santhi
·        At the end of 80 years and 8 months or 1000 full moon days Sadhabishekam
·        At the completion of 100 years Kanakabishekam.
Pooja Procedure:
Rudra Ekadhasani:
This is the first day ritual starting with Maha Ganapathi pooja. This day all functions and rituals will be performed to Dandeeswarar and Karunambikai. All functions are done at Vedha Vinayagar mandapam which is at the entrance of the temple. 
The first day rituals include,
·        Maha Ganapathi pooja
·        Ekadasa Rudra Abishekam for Dandeeswarar and Karunambikai,
·        Vasurdharai, 
·        Poorna aahoothi
·        Kalasabishekam
The second day ritual will be the Sashtiapdhapoorthi. This day, the poojas/rituals are for the person who completed 60th birthday. 
The second day rituals include,
·        Ganapathi Poojai
·        Ko Poojai
·        Nandhi
·        Dasa Dhanam
·        Poorna Aahoothi
·        Abishekam with Kalasa water
·        Mangalya Dharanam

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