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Kachaleeswarar Temple, George Town – Legends

Kachaleeswarar Temple, George Town – Legends
Dalavai Chettiar:
After worshipping Lord Shiva as Kachaleeswarar at Kanchipuram, Dalavai Chettiar, a devotee was returning home. It was raining heavily and the River Paalaaru was in spate. He became anxious as he had to return home to look after some important business. The heavy rains continued for a week and even after it stopped, it took another week for the waters in the river to subside. The devotee placed his faith in Lord Siva and prayed fervently and finally, when the waters receded, he returned home.
To his utter surprise all the jobs that had needed his attention were completed satisfactorily. Lord Shiva had assumed the devotee’s persona and had finished all the work. In gratitude, the devotee performed the Shivalinga pooja and then built a temple for Kachabeswarar in Chennai. It took him eight years and the temple was completed in 1720 CE. In due course, the name of the Lord became Kachaleeswarar.
Pancha Vahana Sivan:
When devas and asuras churned the Milk Ocean, the Manthira mountain that was used as the churning stick got drowned in the ocean. At that time, Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise and supported the churning stick, Manthira mountain.  Lord Siva worshipped by him then is called ‘Kachabeswarar’ or ‘Kachaleeswarar’.  ‘Kachapa’ means tortoise.  The lingam here is on the five seats, Koormam (tortoise), Nagam (snake), Simham (lion), Yugas (the eons) and Padmam (lotus).
 Such appearance of Lord Siva is a rare sight. Those who have ‘Sarpa Dosham’ (snake curse) and those who are afraid of poisonous creatures can perform abhishekam to this Lord and worship. Behind this lingam on the sanctum wall is Sadasivamurthy. The belief is to worship this form of Lord Siva and the formless Linga together in the same sanctum will alleviate all sins and render Mukti.

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