Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thiruthani Murugan Temple – Literary Mention

Thiruthani Murugan Temple – Literary Mention
The temple is praised in the Thirupugazh hymns of Saint Arunagirinathar, Saint Ramalinga Swamigal and Poet Laureate Nakkirar’s Tirumugattrupadai heading that part of Tamil Sangam Literature Pathupattu – 10 songs.
Apart from the puranic greatness of Tirutanikai, Saint Arunagirinathar, the illustrious devotee of Lord Muruga who lived 600 years ago, praised this hill as the chosen place for worship by Devas and the favorite abode of saints performing prolonged tapas (austerities). He also compared this hill to Sivaloka (Bhuloka) and as the very soul of the world. 
Saint Ramalinga Swamigal (Arutprakasa Vallalar), who lived 150 years ago, was invited to come here by our Lord of Tanikai (seated on this hill) Who appeared before our saint in the mirror of his puja room at Madras after which the sour-stirring Arutpa songs flowed from his lips in chaste Tamil like a torrential stream.
Sri Muthuswami Deekshithar, who lived 200 years ago (one of the trinity of Karnatic music) had his inspiration in Tiruthani when our Lord (in the guise of an old man) met him on the steps and sweetened his tongue with the Prasadam of this temple, which impelled him to sing his first song of course on Lord Murugan of Tanikai. Many a miraculous event takes place at this shrine from time to time by the grace of our Lord. 

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