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Kumaramalai, Pudukottai

Kumaramalai, Pudukottai
Kumara malai, Bala Dhandayuthapani temple is located in Kumara malai, Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu state, India. Atop a small mount is a Murugan temple. The tarn water of this mount is considered to by holy.

Kumaramalai Sri Baladhandayuthapani Swami Koil is situated in a very small hillock called Kumaramalai, near Pulvayal Village about 12 kms away from Pudukkottai. It is a small beautiful temple where one can feel the calmness and divinity. The temple is on the lines of Palani temple.
One gentleman by name Kumaran lived in a village called Pulvayal and he used to bear Kaavadi regularly every year to Palani. This was regularly happening ever so many years and the devotee Kumaran was getting older and older as years passed by. A time came when he grew so old that he could not go to Palani due to his advanced age and poor health. He was so sad that he could not go to Palani with the Kaavadi and was praying to the Lord to forgive as he could not fulfill the vow.

With tears rolling down, he slept. That night Lord Muruga appeared in his dream and told that he would no longer need to go all the way to Palani. Instead, He (Lord Muruga) would himself come and manifest in a nearby hillock. As an identity, there would be a small bag of Vibhuthi (holy ash) and a “Rudraksha mala” at the root of “Shanku chedi” (a small plant). Lord Muruga advised his devotee Kumaran to fulfill his Kaavadi Prarthana there itself. The devotee was overwhelmed with joy at the grace of Lord Muruga.

About the same time, Lord Muruga appeared in the dreams of Pudukkottai king Thondaiman also and narrated the same thing. Lord ordered the king to construct a temple in the hillock for all the devotees to pray. The devotee Kumaran fulfilled his ‘Kaavadi Prarthana’ in that place. The king also came there and was amazed to find the dreams true. As per the divine order, the king constructed the temple and installed the deity of “Sri Baladhandayuthapani Swami” for the benefit of devotees. The hillock came to be known as Kumaramalai.

Though the main deity is Muruga, there are other deities too: Lord Vinayaka, Sri Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Iyyapa, Navagraha, Idumban Sannathi. On the hillock, there is a small holy pond called “Sunai” and it has never gone dry.
Lord Muruga provides relief in many ways as in a place called Kumaramalai, during a ritual called valaikappu for pregnant women, married women offer bangles to lord Murugan’s "Vel" for easy delivery of children.
People mainly affected by paralysis pray to lord Muruga for remedy. People affected by paralysis, take bath in pond down the hill, offer milk abhishegam and archanai for getting relief. People observe fasting during Shasti tithi for getting relief from marriage problems.

A pond called angu sunai theertham is on the hill and water is taken from this pond for abhishegam. This temple is situated near Kumaramalai Vilaku on Pudukottai to karaiyur at a distance of 12 kms. From Kumaramalai Vilaku one has to travel further 1 km to reach the base of the temple hill.  
Temple timings
The temple is open from 6.00 am to 12.00 noon and 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Adi Kiruthikai, Skanda Shashti, Thai Poosam, Panguni Uthiram are major festivals. On Thirukartikai day 100,000 lamps are lit here.

Contact Phone Number: +91 94427 40976


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