Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nedungalanathar Temple, Thirunedunkulam – Legends

Nedungalanathar Temple, Thirunedunkulam – Legends
Artha Nareeshwarar:
Devotees know that Lord Shiva is praised as Artha Nareeshwarar as he had parted his left part with Mother Parvathi. While Lord Shiva is seen occupying the central space in the sanctum sanctorum in temples, He is on a siding to the right leaving the left for Mother Ambica. Though the sanctum has only a Shiva Linga, it is the belief that Mother too is in – formless.  
Utsavar without right thumb:
It is noteworthy that procession deity Lord Somaskanda does not have his right thumb. It is said that an angry king cut it when he deposed as a witness in disguise to protect a devotee, according to puranas.  
Tiru Nedungalam:
Tiru Nedungalam in Tamil means a vast place in plains.  
Mother Parvathi performed penance here:
Mother Parvathi performed penance in this place and Shiva came in the form of a thief. Parvathi was frightened and hid herself in a garden of Thazhai plants at a place called Olimadhi cholai. Later Shiva took Parvathi to Kailash.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Sage Agasthiar, Vandhiya Chola and Mother Parvathi worshipped Lord Shiva here.
Nithya Sundareswarar:
The Lord here is called ‘Nithya Sundareswarar’ as he appeared to Vandhiya Chola king in his celestial beauty.