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Thayumanaswami Temple, Rockfort, Trichy

Thayumanaswami Temple, Rockfort, Trichy
Thayumanavar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Rockfort temple complex in the city of Tiruchirappalli in Trichy District of Tamilnadu. The temple is situated close to the base of the Rockfort and was constructed by the Pallava king Mahendravarman I in the 6th century AD. Presiding Deity is called as Thayumanavar / Mathrubootheshwar / Thayumaneswarar / Sevvanthi Nathar. Mother is known as Mattuvar Kuzhali or Sugandha Kundalambikai. The Rockfort temple complex has three shrines, two of which are dedicated to Lord Ganesha, one at the foot and the Ucchi Pillayar Temple at the top, and the Thayumanavar Temple between them. The Thayumanavar temple is the largest of the three temples.

The Rockfort is a fortress which stands atop a 273-foot-high rock, consisting of a set of monolithic rocks accommodating many rock-cut cave temples. Originally built by the Pallavas, it was later reconstructed by the Madurai Nayaks and Vijayanagara rulers. The major complex in the temple are believed to be built during the 8th century by the Pandyan Empire. According to geologists, this Rocky Mountains dates back to 3500 billion years old. This place was also known as Sirappalli, Rishabachalam & Dhakshina Kailasam during ancient days.

Thirugnana Sambandar, a 7th century Tamil Saivite poet, venerated Thayumanavar in eleven verses in Thevaram, compiled as the First ThirumuraiAppar, a contemporary of Sambandar, also venerated Thayumanavar in 10 verses in Thevaram, compiled as the Fifth Thirumurai. As the temple is revered in Thevaram, it is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam, one of the 276 temples that find mention in the Saiva canon. Muthukumaraswamy in the temple is revered in Thirupugazh, the hymns of Arunagirinathar, a 15th-century saint. This is the 123rd Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalams and 6th Shiva Sthalam located on the southern bank of River Cauvery in Chozha Naadu.

Pujas are conducted under two codes – Shivagama and Kameekam. The temple has six daily rituals at various times from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and twelve yearly festivals on its calendar. The Chittirai festival during the Tamil month of Chittirai (April - May) is celebrated for fifteen days, portraying the various incidents associated with the temple legend. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

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The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Worship Practices & Festivals
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Thayumanavar Temple,
Rock Fort, Trichy – 620 002
Phone: +91 431 270 4621 / 271 0484 / 270 0971
The temple is located halfway up the Rockfort Temple Complex. Rockfort is located at about 5 Kms from Trichy Central Bus Stand, 1.5 Kms from Chatiram Bus Station, 5 Kms from Trichy Railway Station, 4 Kms from Woraiyur, 14 Kms from Thiruverumbur, 4 Kms from Srirangam, 7 Kms from Thiruvanaikoil, 6 Kms from Trichy and 10 Kms from Trichy International Airport. Lots of buses ply from both Central & Chathram bus stands of Trichy. One can get down at Main Guard Gate or Teppakulam to reach Rockfort.