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Sivakkozhuntheswarar Temple, Theerthanagiri – Legends

Sivakkozhuntheswarar Temple, Theerthanagiri – Legends
Thiru Thinai Nagar:
As per the Sthala Puranam, a farmer called Periyan and his wife lived in this village. They had the habit of taking food only after offering it to a Shiva devotee. One day, Lord Shiva decided to test their faith. That day, the couple could not find anyone to offer the food to. Periyan came to his field to ask one of his workers to come to his house so that he could make his offering. Surprisingly, he could not find anyone in the field. He waited for some time for them to return.
After some time, Periyan saw an old man pass by and he requested him to come and have food. The old man said that he could not accept food without earning it. He offered to some work in the field and then accept the food as wage. The farmer asked him to plough the field. Once the old man started ploughing the field, the farmer went back home to fetch some food for him. When he returned with the food, he was astonished to see that the crops were fully grown and ready for harvest.
Periyan and his wife served the food for the old man under the Kondrai tree. After he had finished eating, they asked him how he was able to do such a miraculous thing. The old man disappeared before answering. Thereafter Lord Shiva appeared on his bull mount (Rishabha Vahanam) with Goddess Parvathy and gave dharisanam to the couple. The lord further informed them that he had only come there in the form of an old man.
After worshiping the lord, Periyan and his wife requested Lord Shiva to stay back in the place and bless them. Lord Shiva stayed back as a Swayambu Lingam in this place under the Kondrai tree. The lord here is named as Sivakozhundeeswarar. Since the Lord Shiva himself is believed to have ploughed the field, sowed millet seeds (Thinai) and made it ready for harvest, this place gets the name Thiru Thinai Nagar.
Jambava Theertham:
It is believed that Jambavan, the king of the bears, worshiped Lord Shiva here and received his blessing. This temple’s tank is named after him - Jambava Theertham. It is believed that taking a dip in this tank will absolve you off your sins.
Veeraseran got cured of his skin disease:
Another legend associated with this temple is that of a king named Veeraseran who was suffering from leukoderma. Once he had come to this temple for worshiping the lord. His dog, who was also suffering from skin diseases, had also come with him. His dog accidentally fell in the temple’s tank. When it came out, its skin diseases had disappeared. Noticing this, the king decided to take a dip in the tank. To his surprise, when he came out, he was cured of his leukoderma. He worshiped the lord and conveyed his gratitude. It is believed that thereafter King Veeraseran constructed this temple. His idol can also be seen in the temple corridors.
Perumal worshipped Shiva here and killed a demon called Murasuran and he hence came to be known as Murari.
Place for Salvation:
Durvasa cursed Bhringi Rishi and he received salvation after worshipping Shiva here.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
It is said Vishnu, Periyan, Pathanjali, Vyagrapada, Brahma and Jambavan worshipped the lord here.
Pathanjali and Vyagrapada rishi visit to this Temple:
Pathanjali and Vyagrapada rishi came to get the lord from here in bridegroom attire.