Monday, November 20, 2017

Thayumanaswami Temple, Rockfort – Prayers

Thayumanaswami Temple, Rockfort – Prayers
Lord Thayumanavar as his very name suggests, is the Mother of all those helpless in life. Those who had lost their mothers pray here for his grace hoping that he would guide them throughout their life. Majority of devotees pray for safe delivery of the child and welfare of mother and child. Devotees usually offer some rice preparation or sweet pudding as Nivedhana to Lord in temples. Devotees perform abishek with milk to Lord and Mother, offer vastras and plantain fruits in full bunch – Vazhai Thar. They offer 21 puddings-Kozhukattai and 21 Appams along with betel leaves with turmeric and kumkum tied in a small cloth to Ambica for her blessings.
People here offer bunches of plantain fruits to Lord Thayumanavar. The philosophy is that Plantain trees grow automatically with the mother plant successively and it is one crop largely cultivated. As the plantain grows side by side automatically and successively, it is believed that dynasties would continue with the grace of the Lord. This is first placed in the sanctum sanctorum for puja and then distributed to the visitors. Those facing Mangal Sutra doshas pray here during Rahu Kalams with red flowers offering porridge (payasam) Nivedhana.
The following sloka is chanted 3 times a day by believers for a happy result.
Hey Shankara, Smarahara, Pramadhaadhi nadha
Mannaadha, Shamba, Ha, Trishoolin
Shambo Sukha prasava krutha bhava Dhayalo
Sri Mathrubhudha  Shiva balaya maam Namaste.