Friday, November 17, 2017

Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane – Venkata Krishnan Shrine

Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane – Venkata Krishnan Shrine
Presiding Deity is called as Venkata Krishnan. The deity is also known as Geetacharya. Utsavar is Parthasarathy. Presiding deity is 9 feet tall. This is the only Vishnu temple where Perumal appears with a moustache of a Sarathy – conducting Arjuna’s Rath in the Kurukshetra battle field. A heroic appearance demands a moustache for a majestic look. Presiding deity Venkatakrishnar-Parthasarathy appears with this Alankar. He is also praised as Meesai Perumal. Meesai in Tamil means moustache. 
The lord here stands with well framed shoulders, conch in the right hand, the left pointing to the feet (Varada Hastha), standing tall, broad, majestic, bigger eyes, white moustache, wearing knife in the hip, garland of Saligramam and Adhiseshan adorning his head. Beside Venkatakrishnar stand Rukmini Devi in all her majesty, sharp nosed, smiling lips holding the lotus flower in her right hand. Mother Mahalakshmi appears in his chest. To her right is Balarama with a plough. To the left of Venkatakrishnar is brother Satyaki and next to him are the son Padyumnan and the grandson Aniruthan.
Discus is the main weapon of Lord Vishnu. He is without that weapon here. He vowed that he would support the Pandavas in the war but would not hold any weapon. As Parthasarathy, he appears without discus. He holds only the conch to announce the war.  Also, he is with two hands only as Krishna in human form. This is one of the Sthalam where the Perumal shows his Seva along with his three generations. He is found in standing (Nindra Thirukolam) position and facing his Thirumugam towards East direction. The presiding deity is supposed to have been given to Rishi Atreya by Sage Vyasa for installation in this temple.
It is a divine experience to stand near the Sannidhi and offer worship. The offering to the Perumal does not include groundnut oil and chili. Instead ghee and pepper are added. The Utsava Vigraham bears scars supposed to be from the arrows of Bheeshma, when he was the charioteer to Arjuna in the Mahabharata war. During the Day 10 (Pagal Pathu in Tamil) Utsavam relating to Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January, Lord appears without moustache from day 6 to 10.  During abishek on Fridays he is dressed without moustache.