Friday, November 17, 2017

Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane – Prayers

Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane – Prayers
Those who suffer in life pray to this lord and get his blessings. Their woes melt like the mist during sun rise. He cures ailments and people with mental disorders pray before him for restoring their mental health. People pray to Lord Narasimha in the temple for good education and wisdom. They also pray to Perumal seeking wedding and child boon. Devotees perform Tirumanjanam to Lord offering Sarkarai Pongal Nivedhana.
The Prayer should be offered to the respective Lords/Deities on the Star Days concerned (which are mentioned below) to get Blessed for all kinds of Benefits.
Stars concerned
Sri Parthasarathy
Rohini & Thiruvonam
Sri Raama
Punarvasu (Punarpoosam)
Sri Gajendra Varadarajar
Sri Yoga Narasimha
Sri Ranganatha
Sri Vedavalli Thaayar