Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bala Subramanya Temple, Andarkuppam – The Temple

Bala Subramanya Temple, Andarkuppam – The Temple
This is a small but very beautiful Temple with nice sculptures. Lord Balasubramanya in standing posture graces the devotees so mercifully without his weapons Vel, Vajram and Shakti. There are two elephants near the Lord. As he is appearing in a royal form, He is called Adhikara Murugan-Murugan with authority. Lord appears as a child in the morning, a youth in midday and as an aged person in the evening.

Lord Brahmma is before the sanctum sanctorum as an oval shaped idol without a form. Only the Kamandalam and Akshamala attributed to him are in the circle. The main vehicle of Lord Muruga is peacock. Among the six army camps attributed to the Lord, he has the elephant as his vahana in Swamimalai, Thiruthani and in the Chennai Kumaran Kundram temples.

In this temple, he has Lion also as his vahana belonging to Mother Shakti along with peacock and it is significant that the Lion is holding the peacock. The Vimana, tower above the sanctum sanctorum is of Ekadala design. Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka graces the devotees in a Shrine on the right side of the sanctum. There are shrines for Lord Kasi Viswanatha, Mother Visalakshi and Lord Nataraja in the prakaram.

Legend of Murugan asking the meaning of Pranava to Brahma is depicted in one of the pillars in the temple. Theertham associated with this Temple is Velayudha Theertham. This is the replica of the moolavar. Note that the hands are not in abhaya mudhra but on the hips showing authority in censuring Brahma. There is a panel showing a Saint   being blessed by Murugan. The legend Andava Kuppam is inscribed at the base of the temple carving in the fresco.

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