Sunday, March 25, 2018

Veera Raghava Swami Temple (Thiruevvul), Thiruvallur – Prayers

Veera Raghava Swami Temple (Thiruevvul), Thiruvallur – Prayers
In this temple people submit small metal sheets with a specific human organ engraved on them as a request to god to cure the illness or problems with those organs. It is believed that those suffering from incurable diseases are cured if they visit the Lord for three no moon days (Amavasya). Lord Veera Raghava Perumal is all merciful a physician. Any sick person praying here continuously on three new moon days is cured of diseases as stomach pain, defects in hands and legs and fever.
Devotees come here for marriage finalization, progeny and for relief from hardships. The water in the tank is considered more sacred than that of Ganga. A dip in the tank is believed to relieve the devotee from sins he committed in thought as well as action. Devotees offer Papli Tupatti – an upper cloth to Perumal. This is not available in shops. This is sold in the temple office only priced at Rs. 300. They offer special archanas and Aaradhanas and distribute Nivedhanas to visitors.
Devotees also offer 9-yard length silk sari to Mother. For removal of pimples in faces, they dissolve milk and jaggery in the temple tank and put salt and pepper in the mandapam. Salt and pepper offered to the god is believed to cure diseases and restore good health to the devotee. It is a believe that by offering salt and pepper by the bali peetam near the Dwajasthambam (holy flag mast) diseases are cured. Another popular ritual is to dissolve jaggery in the Pushkarani (sacred tank).

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