Friday, March 23, 2018

Thiruneermalai Dhivya Desam – Theerthams (Puskaranis)

Thiruneermalai Dhivya Desam – Theerthams (Puskaranis)
The holy tank, Manikamika Thatakam, here is one in form but is said to comprise of four Theerthams. The temple tank covers three acres with a Neerazhi Mandapam at the centre. Vasantha Mandapam can be seen in the Kulakarai (banks of the Temple Tank). he Mahamagam tank in Kumbakonam is believed to be a confluence of 19 Theerthams. Similarly, here, Manikamika Thatakam is believed to be a mixture of four Theerthams namely, Swarna Pushkarani, Karunya Pushkarani, Ksheera Pushkarani and Siddha Pushkarani.

Ksheera Pushkarani is believed to feed the waters of Vaikunta, the Ocean of Milk. Karunaya Pushkarani is the second tank, believed to have formed from the weeping of Narasimha, who was moved by the divine prayers of Prahalad. There are two tanks called Swarna Pushkarani and Siddha Pushkarani. Each Pushkaranis are dedicated to each Perumal in this shrine. They are;
·        Kshri Pushkarani for Ranganathar.
·        Karunya Pushkarani for Neer Vanna Perumal.
·        Sittha Pushkarani for Ulagalantha Perumal.
·        Swarna Pushkarani for Narasimha.
The scenic beauty of the surroundings and the Theertham is a lovely sight that lingers long after you leave the temple. 

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