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Kari Krishna Perumal Temple, Thiruayarpadi – The Temple

Kari Krishna Perumal Temple, Thiruayarpadi – The Temple
The Temple has a three-tiered Rajagopuram with a newly built cement mandapam in front. Presiding Deity is called as Kari Krishna Perumal. The Lord here is Swayambu Murthy (self-evolved). Lord is in standing posture and he is facing North. There is an ant hill present inside the temple. Usually, such ant hill can be seen only in Amman temples. But this is the only Vishnu temple, has an ant hill. The main deity is said to be evolved from this ant hill only.

The Lord here is seen as a Yadhava (shepherd), with his right hand holding a shepherd’s whip and left hand rested on the hip. The Lord has Amrutha Kalasam (bowl containing celestial nectar) on his head. His right leg is slightly down on a pit while his left leg is normal. Hence, one finds the moolavar in a standing posture slanting slightly towards his right. The Lord does not have any Peetam or base and seen standing on the floor, in a tilted posture with one of his leg a bit away. Garuda is seen in front of the sanctum.

There are two Dwaja sthambams one in front of the Ramar sannidhi and one in front of the Krishna sannidhi. Mother is called as Soundaravalli Thayar. She is housed in a separate shrine and she is in standing posture facing east. Another unique feature at this temple is that Soundaravalli Thaayar is seen to the left of the Kari Krishna Sannidhi like in a Shiva temple. In Vishnu temples, one normally finds the Thaayar Sannidhi to the right of Moolavar deity.

Andal sannidhi is situated behind the main temple. There is a separate shrine for Lord Rama. Here Rama and Sita are present with Hanuman in front and the Kodimaram behind. There are a lot of Mandapams inside the temple with various Vaishnava saints. Shrines for Azhwar, Ramanujar and Manavala Mamuni can also be seen in this Temple.

Outside the temple is a mandapam, an architectural marvel with 16 stone pillars, all slanting in different directions, built that way purposely, for the reason that the main deity here is standing in a tilted position. It is an architectural marvel that the ceiling is firmly in place in spite of these slanting pillars. All the outer pillars are leaning outwards like the blooming petals of a flower.

The Sthala Vriksham is Magizham. Another unique feature of this temple is that it is surrounded by water in the front as well as the back of the temple. Behind the Sanctum is Santhana Pushkarani said to be very sacred, especially for child birth. In front of the temple, on the Northern side is the Arani River.

The temple has a beautiful wooden chariot, which lies abandoned in the village bazaar. The top portions of the wooden chariot have been completely vandalized. The lower portions are relatively unspoilt, have exquisite carvings. These represent scenes from the life of Krishna. There is also a piece that shows Kari Krishna Perumal emerging from the termite hill with his slightly tilted leg.

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