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Kari Krishna Perumal Temple, Thiruayarpadi – Legends

Kari Krishna Perumal Temple, Thiruayarpadi – Legends
Kari Krishna Perumal:
Ages back a cow belonging to a villager used to graze around in the forests here. One day the master of the cow saw the cow pouring its milk in a bush without any one actually milking it. The master who got confused went and saw the place along with the villagers. There was an ant hill amidst the bushes. They started demolishing the ant hill curiously. While digging out they saw this idol of Lord Krishna showing up.
While digging further, it is said that, Lord Krishna moved his leg a bit and stood slanting to avoid being hit by the crowbar. But one of the crowbars hit him on his shoulders. The villagers took out this beautiful idol of Lord Krishna which stood tilted, holding a whip on his hand. It is said that the mark of the crowbar still remains on the deity and sandal paste is applied on it regularly, to heal the wound.
The villagers installed the idol here adjacent to the ant hill itself. The Lord does not have any Peetam or base and seen standing on the floor, in a tilted posture with one of his leg a bit away. Ancient Chozha king, Karikala Chozha II has built this temple for Lord Krishna and hence the God here came to be known as Sri Kari Krishna Perumal.
Hariharan Sandhippu Urchavam:
Bharadhwaja Maha Rishi is said to have undertaken penance at this temple and Agastya Rishi is undertook penance at this place invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva. Pleased with their prayers, Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared before Bharadhwaja Rishi and Lord Shiva before Sage Agastya and acceded to their request of providing joint darshan to the devotees. Marking this occasion, a festival called Hari – Haran Sandhippu Urchavam (‘Shiva - Vishnu Meet’ festival) is celebrated annually near this temple.
This is probably the only place where these 2 Gods meet. In accordance with this event, every year on the 5th day of Chitrai, Kari Krishna Perumal leaves on a procession to the bazaar street in Ponneri where he meets with Lord Shiva and exchanges garland. As Lord Shiva met with Lord Vishnu here, this street has come to be called Hari-Haran bazaar street.
Prarthana Sthalam:
It is also a Prarthana Sthalam where childless couples worship and are blessed with children.
In Thamizh ‘Aayarpaadi’ means shepherd village, the place where Lord Krishna grew up. This village also has the same name, as the Lord here gives Dharshan as a Shepherd.