Monday, March 19, 2018

Veetrirundha Perumal Temple, Thirumazhisai – Legends

Veetrirundha Perumal Temple, Thirumazhisai – Legends
When the great sages Brighu and Markandeya performed tapes in Puri and longed for divine vision, Lord Vishnu appeared only hazily and that too in half form. Pressed for a fuller vision, he indicated that he would do so only in "Maheesara Kshetram". The sages then prayed to Lord Brahma to identify this sacred place. Lord Brahma found from Lord Vishnu that this could easily be identified since it would outweigh the rest of the world by at least one grain of paddy.
He also learnt that this Kshetram was the place where Lord Vishnu would give darshan with his consort, Sri Shenbagavalli. Lord Brahma, acting on these instructions. Located this Kshetram when he saw Lord Vishnu in this posture at Thirumazhisai. This temple is the location where Lord Brahma obtained darshan of Lord Vishnu with all his regalia and in full splendour. Here Lord Vishnu is seen with this consort. He also indicates with his fingers that this Kshetram outweighs the rest of the world by a grain of paddy.
Here Lord Vishnu grants darshan with Ashtalakshmis - four Lakshmis on the crown on all four sides, two Lakshmis i.e Sridevi And Bhudevi on either side. The worship of Ashtalakshmi in this temple is always accompanied by the worship of Lord Vishnu. So that the devotee's life may become more sublime and enriched.

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