Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bala Subramanya Temple, Andarkuppam – Legends

Bala Subramanya Temple, Andarkuppam – Legends
As he came to this place as a poor little boy (Aandi), the place was called Aandiarkuppam which later changed as Andarkuppam. As Andar means ruler, the name Andarkuppam appears to be an appropriate name.
Lord Murugan taught Pranava to Brahmma:
Subramanya Swamy asked the meaning of Pranava which Brahma was not able to answer and Lord Muruga taught Brahmma about Pranava. We see a small stone outside the sanctum in front of Subramanya Swamy temple which is considered as Brahma. We can see the carving of the story in one of the pillars here in the temple.
Murugan created a spring with his Vel here:
In the past some poor people (Aandi) were worshipping him. A devotee on his pilgrimage stayed here and wanted to have a bath and worship the Lord and asked the Aandis for a river or well. They said there is none such nearby. A little boy came there, took the traveler to a place and punched the earth with Vel at a place. A spring came up and the traveler’s joy knew no bounds. Lord Muruga granted darshan to him and stayed as Lord Balasubramanya.

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