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Ganga Jadeswarar Temple, Govindaputtur, Pazhuvur, Ariyalur

Ganga Jadeswarar Temple, Govindaputtur, Pazhuvur, Ariyalur
Ganga Jadeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Govindaputtur Village near Pazhuvur in Ariyalur District of Tamilnadu. The stone temple was constructed in 980 AD by the Chola king Uttama Chola. The temple is associated with the lives of the Nayanmars Appar and Sambandar. Govindhaputhur is located around 25 km from Ariyalur and the temple of Shiva, called Gangajadeswarar (one who has the Ganga in his locks) has been extensively renovated  by Thayumanavar Manram, Tiruchirappalli.

 As the presiding deity is worshipped by Kamadhenu, the place is named as Govindhaputhur (Go: Sanskrit-cow). The River Kollidam, a tributary of River Cauvery, flows nearby and you can reach Vijayamangai by crossing the river. In his Thevaram, Appar has praised Govindhaputhur in his verses on Vijayamangai. In the prakaram you can see statues - said to be images of Rajaraja Chola, his queen and Karikaal Chola. Of special note is the figure of Durga Devi with the Prayoga Chakram (the killer wheel) in her right hand and the benign smile on Lord Nataraja's face.

A damaged statue of Jyeshta Devi is found inside the compound of the nearby school. The temple of Gangajadeswarar presents a new looks due to the extensive renovation work undertaken by Thayumanavar Manram, Tiruchirappalli. The once dilapidated temple has been put back to its original glory by the untiring efforts of the Manram and other philanthropists. A similar effort has to be taken for the temple at Vikramangalam which is 4 km away from this place.

This place is located at a distance of 25 Kms from Ariyalur, 40 Kms from Thanjavur & 60 Kms from Trichy.
By Road: This place is well connected to Ariyalur which is in turn connected to major cities in Tamilnadu
By Train: Ariyalur is the nearest Railway Station
By Air: Trichy is the nearest domestic & International Airport. 

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