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Thirukanneswarar Temple, Seithur, Virudhunagar

Thirukanneswarar Temple, Seithur, Virudhunagar
Thirukanneswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Seithur Village in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu. Thirukanneswarar temple is located at Amman Sannathi Street Bus stand (West).

As per the legends, once there was war between a Chola King and Pandyan King. In order to win Pandyan King, Chola King planned to gift him a poisoned Cloth. But Lord Shiva appeared in Pandyan King and informed about the evil intentions of Chola King. Next Day, servant of the chola king came with poisoned cloth and gave it to him but Pandyan king cleverly threw it to the servant. Because of the poisonous nature of the cloth, servant got burnt to ashes and chola king lost the eyesight.

Chola King realizing his mistake sought pardon for his act to Lord Shiva. He got his one eyesight back at Devadhanam. Lord Shiva appeared in Chola King’s dream and informed that if he built a temple for him at Seithur he will get back other eyesight. Obliging Lord Wish, he built a temple and prayed to him. Lord gave his eyesight back. Hence Lord in this place is called as Thirukaneswarar.

Temple Opening Time
·        Morning: 6.00 AM to 11.25 AM
·        Evening: 5.00 PM to 8.45 PM
Pooja Timings
·        Thiruvanandhal – 6.15 AM
·        Vila Pooja – 7.30 AM
·        Kaala Santhi – 9.30 AM
·        Uchikalam – 11.00 AM
·        Sayaratchai – 6.00 PM
·        Arthajamam – 8.30 PM
·        10 Days Navarathri Festival during Purattasi
·        6 Days Kandha Sashti during Iyppasi
·        Panguni Uthiram
Thirukanneswarar Temple,
Seithur, Virudhunagar District
Mobile: +91 90470 23324
Seithur is located in the Rajapalayam to Tenkasi NH 208 Highway. Seithur is located at about 65 kms from Courtallam. 

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