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Bheemeshwarar Temple, Mudichur – Legends

Bheemeshwarar Temple, Mudichur – Legends
Manamudicha Nallur:
Once, a Shiva Devotee named Kameshwaran in this village found a Shiva Lingam and started worshipping it in a small shrine. In the same village, lived a man called Vishwam with his adopted daughter Vasuki. Kameshwaran and Vasuki fell in love and wanted to get married. But Vishwam was against the match. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, Kameshwaran and Vasuki prayed to Lord Shiva every day to join them in matrimony. Hearing their sincere prayers, Lord Shiva appeared before Vishwam as Parameshwaran, the Gurukkal at the temple and asked him to bring Kameshwaran and Vasuki to the temple. Unable to act against the words of the Gurukkal, Vishwam did as told. Parameshwaran got the two of them married.
Lord Shiva and Parvathi appeared before the couple, who were overwhelmed with happiness. Since Lord Shiva got Kameshwaran and Vasuki married here, the place came to be known as Manamudicha Nallur (place where the wedding was conducted), which now is called Mudichur. Even today, hundreds of eligible men and women go around the Naga Peetam outside the temple and tie yellow threads around the Sanctum praying for successful marriage proposals. The Shivalingam worshipped by Kameshwaran was called Parameshwaran, after the avatar Lord Shiva took to get them married. Slowly he came to be known as Bheemeshwarar, current name.
Thirumana Sthalam:
The Pallava king deputed one by name Haridas to handle the responsibility of constructing the Mudichur temple. The work was carried out with utmost care and perfection. At this juncture, an aged couple came to the spot after sunset. Haridas gave them food and helped them sleep at the temple mandapam. In the morning, he found the couple wearing the vastras that had been put on the Lord and the Goddess. Realizing that they were no other than the divine couple, Haridas fell at their feet. The couple disappeared after telling that the women who came and worshipped there would get a good husband and an early marriage. Both the daughters of Haridas got married immediately after their prayer requests, it is said. From that day onward, the shrine became a Thirumana Sthalam.

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