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Bheemeshwarar Temple, Mudichur – The Temple

Bheemeshwarar Temple, Mudichur – The Temple
The Temple complex houses Vidyambigai Samedha Bheemeshwarar Temple and Sridevi and Bhudevi Samedha Damodhara Perumal Temple. The temple is a great example of Shaiva - Vaishnava unity. The left side of the temple complex is made up of the Vidyambigai Samedha Bheemeshwarar Temple. Presiding Deity is called as Bheemeshwarar and Mother is called as Vidyambigai. The Goddess is a manifestation of the three Devis and is called Vidyambigai.

There are shrines of Vinayaka, Muruga, Navagraha, Chandikeswarar, Durga, Bhairava and Chandran in the Shiva temple complex. Most of these idols are made from Natural Moon Stone (Chandrakanta Stone) and hence are unique in their own way. Worshipping Chandra made from Chandrakanta stone is said to rid one of all doshas. There is a huge Peepal Tree (Aala maram), a few metres away from the temple. Under the Peepal Tree, is a shrine for Aalavatta Amman, a frontier Goddess for this region.

All of us are familiar with the portrayal of the divine wedding of Lord Siva and Meenakshi. Lord Vishnu offers his sister Meenakshi to Lord Siva in marriage. Goddess Meenakshi is seen in the middle with Lord Siva on one side and Lord Vishnu on the other. The beauty of the idols of Lord Siva and Goddess Meenakshi at the Mudichur temple is beyond description.

The scene is portrayed with Lord Siva in the middle and Lord Vishnu and Goddess Parvathy each on either of his sides. The idol was found on 20 – 6 – 1997 while digging the land for cleaning the temple. And, it was installed on 26 – 6 – 1997. After this miraculous incident, the number of women devotees with prayer requests for marriage has increased multifold.

Damodhara Perumal Temple is situated on the right side after the temple entrance. There is a Hanuman Shrine and a small shrine of Garudalvar in front of the ancient lamp post. Both Hanuman and Garuda face the Damodara Perumal Temple.

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