Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode - Girivalam

Ardhanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengode - Girivalam
One who thinks of the Lord and desire to start circling the Arthanariswarar hill and forwarding one foot will get equal benefit of Yagam and for second foot he will achieve the benefit of Rajasuya Yagam and with clear mind of third foot will achieve Aswamedha Yagam and who continues further will get beneficial of all Yagams.
One of the most important customs during worship is circling the holy and prestigious hill. Especially in the full moon day Poornima of every month, lakhs of devotees circle around the hill regularly. People should circle the hill barefoot muttering the name "Om Namashivaya" and view the peak of the Arthanareeswarar hill during the circling.
Though there is no time restriction on circling the hill, believers prefers to circle during the night, as at this time heavenly asters also circle Arthanareeswarar hill. The path is about 7 km long and takes about 1.5 hours to cover the distance.

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