Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sathuragiri Hills – Travelling Uphill & Downhill

Sathuragiri Hills – Travelling Uphill & Downhill
To reach Sathuragiri, one has to cross seven hills (some pathways are steep) and walk for 9 to 10 kilometers. There won’t be a proper road or restroom or any facilities. Free lunch will be served on no moon days, you get to see dense forest, waterfalls and undisturbed nature on the way. One should be there at the foothills by early in the morning, so that you can return back before sunset, if you plan for a day. If you are a trekker willing to smell those natural moments, it’s a safe place to camp at night.
People, locals here are more ethical and possess no danger. For trekkers one or two night stay would be interesting to see some of the rarest caves, which is some 2 km away from Sathuragiri temple, a fresh water pond at the top of the hill. All these areas have to be trekked through dense forest which is a very thrilling and delightful experience. There is a spot called Perumal Mottai which is recommended only for people with good stamina to trek. But it’s the most coldest spot in these hills. Kindly take guidance from any localities if you plan to trek any place beyond Sathuragiri Temple.
Instructions for Handling Dolis:
To reach Sathuragiri, one has to cross seven hills (some pathways are steep) and walk for 9 to 10 kilometers. Never overestimate your level of fitness. Those who are aware of their limitations, can arrange for Dolis. The Doli charges each way could be between 2000 to 3000 Rs. per person, i.e. For both ways Rs. 4000/- to Rs.6000/-.
Those who want to use the Doli facility are requested to bring with them a big thick bed-spread - 61/2' x 4' and two numbers of 6 feet rope each - preferably coir one or twine one or thick nylon one to be tied in a bamboo stick as a hanging bed. Bamboo will be provided by the Doli carriers.
The things (bed spread, rope, etc.), should be collected back by the individual from the Doli men on arrival at the landing points each way. Each Doli is carried by a set of two persons. Another set of two persons might exchange in the middle.

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