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Sathuragiri Hills – Useful Tips

Sathuragiri Hills – Useful Tips
Pilgrims can also come to Sathuragiri Hills from Theni and other towns situated around the Hills. If you are not experienced in any of these routes or not led by an experienced guide, you are requested to avoid these routes. Because it is quite easy to get lost as not many people use these routes. So pilgrims are advised to stick to the Thaanipaarai route as it is quite easy (compared to others) and even on lean days, the path is used often by the Adivasis to carry goods. So it would be easy to find humans using the path quite often say every 10-20 minutes.
·        Avoid heavy luggages.
·        Luggage can be a medium haversack bag or backpack (preferable)
·        Toilet kit containing soap, tooth brush, tooth paste and others.
·        Comfortable clothing for three days
·        A small torch light with new cells.
·        Always carry a torch light, when venturing into the jungle.
·        Cellphone + Mobile Charger
·        A pen knife & small pair of scissors
·        An air pillow
·        Bed Sheets (1 spread + 1 to cover)
·        Sweater/shawl
·        Camera (loaded)
·        Medicine kit: including balms
·        Water-bottle
·        Mug
·        Cleaning cloth
·        Locks, keys and chains
·        Pen and paper pad:
·        Waist-pouch or Cash-bag
·        Snacks for the hills: chips, biscuits, chocolates etc.,
·        Match box and candles
·    Since it is a forest area no enclosures for toilet/ bath are available. One should take shelter under nature (bushes/trees)
·        Water points for bathing, drinking are provided by a philanthropist.
·     There is no provision for electricity at the top of the hills. Please bring small torches, matches and candles.
·        Luggage carriers are available. They accept luggages weighing upto 35 Kgs and normally charge somewhere between 100-150 Rs per person. Beyond 35 Kg it is Rs.150+ per person.
·        Sathuragiri is a very holy place. Still lot of Spiritual aspirants and Siddha do penance there. So pilgrims are requested not to disturb the environment (do not talk loudly, do not litter, do not pluck flowers, leaves, plants etc. or do not break branches etc.). Decency and decorum should be maintained on all occasions and at all levels. It is a Pilgrimage and Not a Tour. Let us have devotion in our heart and sweetness in our speech and temperament.
·     The mountain environment is very fragile. So please do not litter plastic covers, bottles and other waste materials. Always carry a plastic bag with you and dump all the waste generated (waste papers, plastic bottles etc.) into it. You can later dump the plastic bag either at Sathuragiri or at Thaanipaarai (i.e. in a waste bin).
·      Once at Sathuragiri, pilgrims are requested not to venture on their own into the jungle. Fine guides with in depth knowledge about the mountains are available and it is advisable to take their services and strictly follow their instructions.
·        If any animals happen to cross your path, do not panic. Stay still and wait for the animals to leave to proceed further.
·       Sathuragiri hill does not have any electricity, hotels, lodges etc. There is an ashram called Sri Kalimuthu Swamigal Madam or Kanji Madam, which provides free food and also provides place for pilgrims to stay.
·        During full moon and new moon days, lakhs of devotees visit the hills. The new moon during the month of July-August (Aadi Amavasai) attracts about 10 to 15 lakhs devotees.
·   It is not advised to climb the hill, if you have any heart diseases or respiratory problems. 

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