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Bhuminathaswamy Temple, Thiruchuli, Aruppukkottai – Legends

Bhuminathaswamy Temple, Thiruchuli, Aruppukkottai – Legends
The name Thiru Chuzhial:
The legend has that this sacred place was troubled with the flood water in all three Yugas. In Dwapara Yuga also the same scenario repeated, the King who was ruling this city was a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva.  He earnestly prayed to Lord to save this land from the deluge.  Lord Shiva was pleased at the devotion of the King; he plunged the Earth with his Trident and created an opening. Therefore, all the flood water drained through this hole and the land was protected. Thus, this sacred land has got its name ‘Thiru Chuzhial’.
Sun worshipped Dinakareswara Lingam:
The Dinakareswara Lingam was worshipped by the Sun, according to the legends associated with this temple.
Lord in Kalyana Kolam:
Parvati is said to have meditated upon Shiva, seeking his hand in marriage; this event is commemorated in the Amman Tapas Utsavam in the month of Aadi for 10 days each year. As Lord grants his darshan with Mother in his wedding posture, devotees conduct marriages in the temple.
Sundarar Visit to this Temple with Cheraman Perumal:
Sundaramoorthy Nayanar is believed to have visited this temple with the Chera King Cheraman Perumal.
Saivite Saints visit to this Temple:
Saivite Saints Sundarar and Thirunavukarasar had come to this place to worship Lord and stayed in the mutt here.  
Lord Shiva appearing in Sundarar Dream:
Lord Shiva came to Thiruchuzhial as he considered this place more glorious than Mount Kailas itself.  According to history, Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of Sundarar with a gold bouquet and tuft in the head as a young lad. 
Benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva in Thiruchuzhi:
Worshipping Lord Shiva in Thiruchuzhi with just one piece of Vilwa leaf is considered equal to worshipping Lord with 1000 Vilwa leaves in all sacred places of the country. 
Place for Salvation:
Thought and talk of Thiruchuzhial Lord ensures the devotee total salvation. His/her sins committed knowingly or unknowingly will be wiped off as cotton dust in the whirlwind. Charities offered here bring manifold benefits to the devotees than done at other places.
Other Names:
The place is also praised as Vayalur, Mukthipuram, Avarthapuram, Shulapuram, Arasavanam, Chuzhigai and Chuzhikapuri. 
Bhoodevi worshipped Shiva here:
Another legend has that Goddess Bhoodevi worshipped Lord Shiva on this sacred land.  Thus, the presiding deity has got his name ‘Bhoominathar’.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Worshipped by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Bhoodevi, Lord Indra, Lord Surya, Sage Gauthama, Sage Kanva, Ahalya, and Cheraman Peruman.

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