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Veera Varanathar Temple, Kinar, Kanchipuram

Veera Varanathar Temple, Kinar, Kanchipuram
Veera Varanathar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Kinar Village in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding deity is known as Veera Varanathar and Mother is known as Amba Nayagi. This Pallava period temple at Kinar (Thiru Kannar Village) is one of the Thevara reference temples. The priest in this temple is of the 20th generation. 

Lord Indra was cursed for lusting after Ahalya a rishi Pathini. He was cursed to develop 1000,”eyes” (Kannu Ayiram). To redeem himself of the curse he prayed here to the lord and was blessed here. The place came to be called Kannayiram corrupted to Kannur which later became Kinar. The lord is also known as Nethra Pureeswarar and also as Veera Varanathar (one who gave boon to Veeran (Indra)). It is believed that the presiding deity was worshipped by Sage Gowthamar, Agalya and Pancha Pandavas. 

The Temple
Presiding deity is known as Veera Varanathar and Mother is known as Amba Nayagi. The lingam is one of the biggest in Tamilnadu. The temple has been referred to by Sri Gnanasambandar in his poem Kannar Thingal. As you enter the main gate you can see the south facing entrance of the main praharam with the Nandi and Kodimaram to the right with Ambal Sannidhi on the right. The main entrance leads to the inner praharam with the statue of Indra on Airavatham in front of the Sivan.

There is also a Varadaraja perumal in this chamber alone without his consorts. Behind the majestic Lingam is large sculpture of Shiva and Parvathy with Karthikeya the Somaskandar in addition to Brahma and Maha Vishnu. Hence this temple has all the trinity at one place. Usual Koshta Vigrahas are located on the outer walls of the sanctum. The Ambal Amba Nayaki is about 5 feet tall in her own Sannidhi. The Ambal Sannidhi has the attached Navagraha Sannidhi.

Veera Varanathar Temple,
Kinar Gramam,
Kanchipuram – 603303
Phone: +91 – 44 – 27598259
Mobile: +91 – 9442177959
On NH 45 after Chengalpet before Madurantakam look for Karunguzhi on the left. Follow the road to Kinar about 5 kms across the railway gate and you will come to this serene temple.

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