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Engan Murugan Temple – Legends

Engan Murugan Temple – Legends
Sthala Puranam Version – 1:
According to popular folklore, the sculptor who sculpted the idol of Murugan in this temple was the same person who carved the sculpture at Sikkal and Ettukudi. Upon sculpting the idol at Sikkal, the sculptor cut his right thumb so as to ensure that he would not create anything anywhere which would surpass the beauty of the image at Sikkal. After sculpting the idol at Ettukudi, he, however, found the idol excelling the one at Sikkal in beauty and hence blinded himself as punishment. Hence while sculpting the idol of Murugan at Engan, the sculptor had to rely on the assistance of a woman as he was blind himself. By mistake, while sculpting, he cut a finger belonging to the woman and blood began to ooze. These droplets of blood fell on his eyes curing him of his blindness. Once the sculptor realized that he could now see, he exclaimed in amazement "Engan! Engan!" meaning "My eyes" in the Tamil language.
Sthala Puranam Version – 2:
Chola king Mutharasan, seeing the beauty of the idol of Muruga thought there should be no such idol anywhere. So, he claimed the right thumb of the sculptor. Yet, the sculptor made a similar beautiful idol for the Ettukudi temple without the support of the right thumb. The jealous king went further and plucked off the eyes of the sculptor. He came to Sameevanam and started working on a third idol with the help of a little girl. When the idol was nearing completion, the chisel (Uli) fell on the girl’s eyes spilling blood on the sculptor’s eyes restoring his eye sight. Sameevanam is now known as Enkan.
Lord Murugan taught the meaning of Pranava to Brahmma here:
Lord Muruga demanded Lord Brahmma to explain the meaning of Pranava Mantra. He could not. Lord Muruga put Brahmma in prison and took up the creation job too. Though Brahmma was released later, he could not get back his assignment. Brahmma began worshipping Lord Shiva with his eight eyes. When Lord Shiva asked Muruga to leave the job to Brahmma, Muruga politely refused saying that he was not qualified for the job as he did not know the meaning of Pranava. Lord Shiva advised Muruga to teach the Mantra to Brahmma and reinstate him in his place. Lord Muruga obeyed his Father and taught Pranava to Brahmma. As Brahmma worshipped Lord Shiva with his eight eyes (En Kan), the place also came to be known as Brahmmapuram.  So goes the Sthala Purana – story of the land.
Simma Varman got relieved of his curse of Lion Face:
A king, Simma Varman by name was cursed with a Lion’s face by Sage Brugu. For relief, the king prayed to Enkan Lord Muruga bathing in the Vriddha Cauvery River (Vottaru). On a Thai Poosam star day (January-February) combined with Full Moon, Lord Muruga appeared before the king and restored his human face. This festival day is grandly celebrated in the temple carrying Kavadi on their shoulders.