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Keezhvelur Kediliappar Temple – Legends

Keezhvelur Kediliappar Temple – Legends
Lord Muruga penance on Lord Shiva:
Lord Muruga sought the blessings of Lord Shiva to cleanse himself of the sin he incurred for killing demon Soorapadman in Tiruchendur.  Lord Shiva advised the Son to create a spring in Keezha Velur and worship him to accomplish the purpose. Lord Muruga reached this place with his Nava-Nine commanders. To begin the worship, first, Lord Muruga made a Vinayaka with turmeric (Manjal in Tamil) powder. That place near Velur is now called Manjadi. With the help of Maya the divine sculptor, he built a beautiful Shiva Temple with a Vimana called Pushkala Vimana. 
Creating a spring with his Vel weapon on the east entrance, he bathed in the water along with his commanders and all army men. Completing all the preliminaries, Lord Muruga began an intense penance on Lord Shiva. Evil spirits began to spoil the Lord’s penance. He sought the help of Mother Parvathi, who in the name of Anju Vattathu Amman – Mother covering five circles – four directions and the sky – appeared there and protected Lord Muruga and his penance.
Agasthya cursed a king of the forest to become donkey:
Agasthiyar was penancing at Vindhya Parvatham. Here there was a king of the forest who was disturbing the people who visit to Agasthiyar place. Agasthiyar cursed him to become a donkey. In their next birth the two donkeys were in a business man’s house. He used them to transport commodities. Once they came to this temple with their master and drank the water in the Brahma Pushkarani, and they were able to look into their previous birth and started conversing among them. The master was afraid at the donkeys speaking like human beings and he left them. They went around the temple and heard a voice asking them to take bath, worship Lord Siva on Full moon day of Adi (July) for four days and drink the Water of Brahma
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Lords Vishnu and Brahmma, Indira, Agni, Yama, Chandra the Moon, Vayu, Sages Vashista, Sage Markandeya, Dhunmathi and Chandra Gupta had worshipped Lord in this temple
Lord Shiva danced for Agasthya:
Shiva is said to have danced with his right foot raised, for Agasthiar.
Guberan helped a devotee here:
Guberan came here to help out a poor devotee by name Chandragupta.

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