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Kalarmulainathar Temple (Parijatha Vaneswarar Temple), Thirukkalar – Legends

Kalarmulainathar Temple (Parijatha Vaneswarar Temple), Thirukkalar – Legends
Lord Shiva granting the Brahmma Thandava Darshan to Sage Durvasa:
Lord Shiva performed his Ananda dance in Chidambaram and Perur, Aajaba in Tiruvarur, Gnana Sundara in Madurai, Oordhva in Avinashi, and Brahmma Thandava in Tirumuruganpoondi. Sage Durvasa performed severe penance in this place seeking the Ananda Thandava darshan of Lord which he granted to sages Vyakrapada and Patanjali. He brought the rare Parijatha flowers from the celestial world and made this place dense with these trees. 
He also made a Shiva Linga and installed it under the Parijatha tree and created a spring. He built the temple with the divine sculptor. Hence the place has names as Parijatha Vanam, Tharu Vanam and Karpaga Vanam according to scriptures.  Pleased with his penance, Lord granted the Brahmma Thandava darshan to the sage.  Kalari in Tamil also means dance.  Hence, this place is called as Thirukkalar. 
Lord also is praised as Kalarmulai Nathar. Lord granting the Brahmma Thandava Darshan to Sage Durvasa is depicted in the temple. Sage Durvasa appears with folded hands in a worshipping form. According to scriptures, Durvasa performed the first consecration of the temple.
Lord Murugan as Teacher:
Lord Subramanya taught the Panchakshara Mantra (mantra of five letters – Na, Ma, Shi, Va, Yah) to 60,000 sages and Sage Durvasa in this place only. Valli and Deivanai are not with Lord Subramanya as he graces in the temple as a teacher-Guru.
Jeeva Samadhi of Kovilur Pontiff:
The Jeeva Samadhi-monument of Kovilur pontiff, His Holiness Veerasekhara Gnana Desika Swami is near the temple. Swamiji had rendered many renovations to the temple. He is praised as Thirukkalar Andavan. 
People worshipped Shiva here:
Sage Parasara, Kala Bhairavar, Durvasa Muni and Kalava had worshipped in this temple. 
Place for Salvation:
It is believed that the prayer of one in the temple of a family will ensure the salvation of all members. 
Ketu Parihara Sthalam:
Those under adverse aspects of the serpent planet Ketu pray here for relief.

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