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Nadutariappar Temple, Kovil Kannapur – Legends

Nadutariappar Temple, Kovil Kannapur – Legends
Once, Lord Siva with his spouse Uma Devi was in Mount Kailash. Devas with Lord Brahma as their Leader, were carrying on their job of creation. At that time, Sudhavalli, a vidhyadara girl, as Goddess Uma acted before the Lord and made him happy. Goddess Uma seeing Sudhavalli taking her form became angry and cursed her to be born on this earth. Sudhavalli who acted without knowing the consequences felt very sad and trembled. Goddess Uma then blessed her with the boon that she could worship Lord Siva on the earth and then reach their abode.
Sudhavalli likewise reached the Tamilnadu and in this sacred place on the southern part of Thevoor was born in the hereditary Saiva Vellala lineage and was growing as Kamalavalli, a girl with abundant Sivajnana. She was brought up in the Saiva tradition, constantly worshipping Lord Siva, continuing her devotion of her previous birth. When she attained marriageable age, her parents gave her in marriage to a suitable man. They also made them live in a separate home nearby. Like Karaikkal Ammaiyar, Sudhavalli was living as a beloved to this god. However, she was performing all the dharmic rites for the beloved of her soul, Lord Siva.
Kamalavalli husband without understanding the merit of his wife and because of his hatred in her Siva-puja threw away the Shivalingam in the well. Kamalavalli was confused whether to continue the worship of Lord Siva against the wish of the lord of her home. She decided to carry on the Siva-puja without his knowledge, by accepting as Shivalinga, the wedge in which the calf of her home was tied. The angry husband came to know that Kamalavalli was going against his wish and hit the wedge with an ax.
Blood oozed out of the wedge. In order to make every one including her husband, know about Kamalavalli bhakti, Lord Siva manifested as Lingam in that wedge. Both Kamalavalli and her husband attained mukthi and reached the abode of Lord Siva. Since the wedge of the calf became a Lingam this holy place was called ‘Kanraappur’. Though the Lingam appeared as a Swayambu Murti, the Lord came to be known as Natutharinaathar as he came out of the wedge. The place the calf’s wedge was, is where the Natutharinaathar Temple now. Even today we can see the ax-injury on the head of the Prime Deity.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
The Lord was also worshipped by Parvathi Devi, Idumbaasuran and Dharma Sharma, a disciple of Medhaavi Maharishi.
Patta in the name of Natutharinaathar:
All lands in this city are as Recorded Settlement (patta) in the name of Natutharinaathar. No individual member owns any land as Recorded Settlement.
Punniya Sthalam:
Kanraappur is considered to be more significant than the holy places like Chidambaram, Thirukkaalaththi, Keelvelloor and Naakaikkaaronam. It is believed that worshipping twice the Deity of this place is like worshipping all the holy places of Lord Siva in the world. A person who lives in this holy city and conducts a righteous life is blessed with good spouse, good children and also rich recompense. By just uttering once the name ‘Kanraappur’, all sins get abolished; a person is relieved of diseases and is blessed with good life. 

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