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Madhuvaneswarar Temple, Nannilam – Legends

Madhuvaneswarar Temple, Nannilam – Legends
Devas in the form of bees worshipped Shiva here:
During the Dwapara Yuga Lord changed all Devas into bees to protect them from the harassment of demon Vruddhasura. Lord also advised the Devas to make bee-hives in the sanctum and worship him. As bees worshipped here the Lord is named Madhuvaneswarar (Madhu in Sanskrit means honey), Mother as Madhuvana Nayaki and the place as Madhuvanam. There are bees around the place even now but they do not harm anybody. As a proof of this, there are two beehives one in Somaskandar shrine and the other in the Subramanya shrine.
Yama, Varuna, Indira & Kubera installed Lingas in four directions:
Yama the Lord Death in the south, Varuna the God of rains in the west, Indira in east and Kubera in the north installed Shivalingas in the place and worshipped the Lord.
Fight between Vayu and Adhiseshan:
Vayu the God of wind and divine serpent Adisesha claimed supremacy of their prowess in the court of the Devas. Adisesha covered the peaks of Mount Meru with his thousand heads. Vayu could not shake the mount. This created panic in the world and yielding to the appeal of Devas Adisesha gave in one peak. Vayu shook the peak and took it to south when one small piece fell in this place, according to Sthala Purana. The piece of the peak that fell here became a small mount which was earlier a plain. The temple is believed to have been built on this mount. 
Lord Shiva appeared to King Bruhadrajan here:
Lord Shiva appeared here as a Tejolinga as the result of the penance of King Bruhadrajan in Kritha Yuga. 
Historical Names:
Madhuvanam, Devaranyam, Sundaravani, Bruhathpuram are the historical names of this place.
Chakra Theertham:
Lord Vishnu had a fierce battle with the demon Jalandhara. Lord Vishnu set out his fierce weapon dice/Chakkrayudha to behead the demon fallen on this sacred place and formed a pond known as Chakra Theertham.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Lord Brahma, Lord Yama, Lord Varuna, Lord Kubera, Lord Indra, Lord Surya, Devas, Sage Agastya, King Bruhadrajan worshipped Lord Shiva here.
Place for Salvation:
It is believed that one will get salvation by worshipping here during Ekadasi and Pradoshams.
Brahmma Theertham:
It is believed that taking bath in Brahmma Theertham during the Masi month will fetch all benefits.

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