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Vekkali Amman Temple, Woraiyur – The Temple

Vekkali Amman Temple, Woraiyur – The Temple
This temple has several unique features about its presiding Deity. First, Amman faces north, secondly, her seating position is different; thirdly the temple has no roof over the sanctum sanctorum. Firstly, the presiding deity Sri Vekkali Amman faces northerly direction. This particular direction is meant to bless the devotees seeking victories in their events or tasks or initiatives. The legend has it that Chola rulers used to worship her before proceeding to the battlefield.

Secondly, Sri Vekkali Amman sits with her right leg folded while the left leg is in resting position and is kept on the asuran. It is said that this posture of Sri Vekkali Amman requires tremendous energies and that she has used those extraordinary energies to put evil forces under check. But this is contrary to the usual position where Goddesses sit with their left leg folded while resting their right legs on the ground. The legend has it that during a dance contest between Lord Natarajar and Kali Amman, Lord Natarajar changed his leg position. In response to this Sri Kali Amman too changed her sitting posture, which is seen at this temple.

Also it is believed that Sri Vekkali Amman’s posture signifies kindness, love, affection and compassion to her devotees. To signify the importance of this posture, a pair of the holy feet (padham) of Sri Vekkali Amman has been set up all around the sanctum sanctorum. The upper right hand carries a Damaru (a Udukkai with a snake rolled over it); lower right hand carries Tirusoolam; the left upper hand pasam; and the left lower hand kabalam. The holy head of Sri Vekkali Amman signifies nine Agni jwalai or nine sacred flames with a snake embedded across it.

Thirdly, the temple has no roof over the sanctum sanctorum. It is said, the roof has been mysteriously burnt down as and when the roof was laid on the sanctum sanctorum. It is believed that Sri Vekkali Amman herself has burnt down the roof as and when built over it. There are several important idols seen around its prakaram. They are Sri Viswanathar and Sri Visalakshi; Sri Vallaba Ganapathy; and Sri Mayura Murugar along with his Consorts Sri Valli and Sri Devasena; Kathavarayan, Periyannan and Madurai Veeran.

The special attraction in this temple seems to be the idol of Sri Pongu Saneeswarar for many devotees. Many devotees believe that offering worship to Sri Pongu Saneeswarar will bring about prosperity, peace and happiness in lives. The temple has a golden chariot 9.75 ft. (2.97 m) in height, made of 10.5 kg (23 lb.) of gold and 25 kg (55 lb.) of silver. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu.

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