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Kalyanasundareswarar Temple, Tiruvelvikudi – Legends

Kalyanasundareswarar Temple, Tiruvelvikudi – Legends
Brahma conducting marriage rituals of Shiva and Parvathi here:
Mother Parvathi was born to Sage Bharatha in Kuthalam near Tiruvelvikudi. She performed penance for 16 Mondays on Lord Shiva to have his hand as her Lord. Mother made a Linga of sand for the penance.  On the 17th Monday, Lord appeared before Parvathi as Manavaleswarar and promised to marry her. Accordingly, the rituals (Velvi in Tamil) were conducted with Brahmma being the head priest for this divine marriage. Hence, the place is named Tiru Velvikudi. No poet can describe the beauty of smiling mother in the temple.  Lord Shiva blesses all men and women granting their wedding boon.
Shiva helping a prince to get married:
The wedding of a princess was fixed to a prince here, but her parents died before the event. The bride side cancelled the marriage. The prince begged the Lord to get him the princess. Lord sent a Bhooda (something like a ghost but used for good purpose), brought the princess and solemnized their wedding.
Sundarar got cured of his disease here:
This is also the place where saint Sundarar had a bath in the Agni theertham and got his disease cured.  
Birth place of Ardhanareeswarar:
It also has the reputation of Lord Shiva offering half of himself to Shakti and took the form of Ardhanareeswarar.
The earthly marriage of God Shiva and goddess Parvati was celebrated at Thirumananjeri but the Vedic and religious rituals leading to that marriage were held at this Sthalam, hence the name Tiruvelvikudi. Since the early homams were performed by the divine couple at this place, it is considered beneficial to perform homams here for early marriage. The prayers and rituals are similar to those carried out at Thirumanancheri, except that some special homams are performed on every full moon day, and those whose marriages are delayed are advised to participate.

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