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Thirumanikkoodam (Varadaraja Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple

Thirumanikkoodam (Varadaraja Perumal Temple), Thirunangur – The Temple
The temple complex has a single prakaram (outer courtyard) and a single shrine. It is located close to Thirunangur, a small village, 8 km east of Sirkali en route to Thiruvenkadu. Eleven Rudras and the king of celestial deities, Devas, are believed to have worshipped Varadarajar. The presiding deity, Varadharaja Perumal is housed in the sanctum in standing posture, facing east. The images of his consort, Sridevi (also called Thirumamagal Nachiyar) and Bhoodevi are housed in the same shrine.

The Moolavar, Sri Varadaraja Perumal facing east with four hands, also known as Manikooda Nayakan, is in a standing posture on the Aadhisesan. Theertham is Chandra Pushkarini; Lord Vishnu saved Lord Chandra from curse and hence the name Chandra Pushkarani. Vimanam is Kanaga Vimanam. The Lord Varadharaja is known for his act of bestowing abundant wealth to his devotees and hence the name of the Vimaanam as Kanaka (gold) Vimaanam. 

Lord of this place has Chandran as ornament and Garuda as vehicle He gave special Dharsan to Lord Chandra and Garuda here. This is an act of illustrating the unity between the Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. As the Lord Shiva solved the curse of Chandran, here Lord Vishnu also once saved Chandra from his Curse and hence the Pushkarani is named as Chandra Pushkarani. This temple is in the 37th place of the 108 Divya Desams.  

Garudazhwar shrine is present at the entrance of the temple. Mahamandapam and Ardhamandapam are present in this Temple. Varadaraja Perumal the presiding deity in the Sanctum Sanctorum in a standing posture on a lotus pedestal is facing east.  In the right hand side of the square shaped lotus pedestal Sridevi appears in the standing position and the Earth Goddess is seen on the left hand side. The procession God stays nearby. In the northern side of Ardhamandapam Nammazhwar graces in the sitting posture. Chronic diseases will be cured on worshipping the God in Thirumanikudam.

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